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This is the beautiful Yorel she is one of KNT's biggest fans and avid supporters. Our blog just started less than a month ago and this young lady has visited our site a total of 200 times in the past 3 days! She e-mailed her photo and wanted to let the world know she is our biggest fan. Thanks Yorel! Keep hitting us!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey ladies and gentlemen (if it applies) let's talk about one of NFL's most hottest players. This dude here can make you drop your panties or briefs (if it applies) with just one flash of those sexy deep dimples. There have been many rumors surrounding every groupies favorite guy; things such as him being on the down low, Kappa hoe and neglecting/lying about his offspring.

If you love, hate or loathe Darren please spill your heart out! Remember we won't "tale" so dispense any information that your hearst desire.

ETA: This is about Darren not his brother Jamie. If you want to talk bullshit like grade school girls and boys try Talk Sports.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Judging by the photo above the title of this post is most fitting. In one essence Gabby looks like a professional, i.e. the blazer but if you look closely you could see part of her areola and nipple popping out of the blazer. Hoe or Pro? When I say "pro" I am speaking of her roster of athletic boyfriends that she's been seen galavanting and certainly fucking around with. This includes:
Dwayne Wade (I wonder if Gabby got HERPES too?)
Darren Sharper
Jason Kidd
Derek Jeter
Shaquille O'neal
Clinton Portis
and many more.....
Funny, she hasn't been wifed up yet! However, her reputation has not stopped her from hooking 'em like a true pro.....or hoe....whichever comes first.
What do you think?


Dwayne Wade divorce news is true - Dwayne Wade is divorcing his wife Siovaughn with actress Gabrielle Union starring in the Dwayne Wade divorce other woman role.
Siohvaughn Wade, aka Siohvaughn Funches after the Dwayne Wade divorce goes through, returned to Chicago shortly after the birth of their second child, Zion, because she “needed help with raising the kids” and has refused to return to Miami ever since. Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn Funches have known each other since attending the same high school. They dated exclusively and lived together during college. They married 5 years ago, while Dwyane was a college senior. They have two children who will stay with Siohvaughn.

Dwayne Wade has a reputation as serious player, both on the court and off, and his divorce closely follows that of Miami Heat star, Shaquille O’Neal. Dwayne was also seen repeatedly in public during his marriage with Beyonce’s buddy from Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland. Seems the Dwayne Wade separation was triggered by Gabrielle Union’s return to hanging with Big D in Miami after her second hookup with high school friend Jason Kidd fell apart.

Gabrielle has been romantically linked with the Yankees Derek Jeter and then in 2006 and again in early 2007 with Wade’s fellow NBA star Jason Kidd. The 2006 reports have Gabrielle Union hooking back up with her highschool sweetheart, basketball star Jason Kidd. According to the report, they met up in 2006 in Atlantic City and reminisced about their high school days.
They dated heavily and then Kidd reportedly dumped her and went on to marry his soon to be ex-wife Joumana Kidd. Gabrielle says about being being dumped:
“I started crying, because I was going to be Mrs. Jason Kidd.”Seems like Gabrielle can rebound with the best of those NBA stars! Dwayne Wade’s divorce will be a costly one, as he and Siohvaughn were married when quite young back in his Chicago days. Rumor has it, she’ll be getting a lot more than $10 million because when you’re not famous, who even thinks of a prenup?

From Siohvaughn's pleading: ``Dwyane has dissipated substantial sums of marital property including . . . buying his mother a $2 million church; placing substantial sums of money in an account with another woman; providing numerous friends and family members with unfettered access to accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital funds from which they made substantial withdrawals . . .'' Meanwhile, she says, he cut her off financially. Dwyane, named a ''Father of the Year'' in 2007 by the National Father's Day Committee, has gone ''months'' without seeing his boys, Siohvaughn says. His ''failure to spend time with them . . . has resulted in the children at times being afraid of him; in fact, Zion . . . does not recognize or know Dwyane.'' She wants sole custody, and support.

She also says she has suffered ''grievous physical, emotional and mental injury'' from the STD, diagnosed in the fall of '07. (The infection is not HIV or a ''killer thing,'' sources say.) Dwyane and his ''paramour or paramours'' are liable, she alleges. Dwyane must disclose the identity of all of his sexual partners during the parties' marriage,'' says her counter-petition, prepared by attorney Michael J. Berger of Chicago. Siohvaughn has another Chicago lawyer, Dorene Marcus. Says Pritikin: ``It is sad that an obviously angry and bitter woman will go to any lengths to publicly damage Mr. Wade.''

Siohvaughn speaks the truth, Marcus insists. ''A person's public persona does not necessarily reflect his behavior in private,'' Marcus adds. ``Mrs. Wade is prepared to prove everything she alleges. And, medical records don't lie.''In 2007, the Wades put their six-bedroom Pinecrest home on the market for $8.9 million. Has yet to sell. List price is now $4.599 million.

If it is not HIV then it has to be HERPES. Any other "curable" disease wouldn't cause someone to be distraught.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ricky Davis- Drama! Drama! Drama!

Most of you bloggers and gossip site enthusiast know about the horid details between Ricky Davis' wife (Vanessa) and some side chick or jump off named (Siobhan). I don't know or care to know either party involved, but what I want to know is what respectable man would keep either of these 2 ladies around after the drama they have caused online and in real life.
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Ladies Beware

Who would you advise ladies to steer clear from either because they have an STD, CHEAP, VIOLENT, DISRESPECTFUL, or just NO GOOD?

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